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Did you know that there are certain must-have fashion pieces in your closet that can work as a backup plan in any circumstance?

Here is the list of 5 dresses that you need to have in your closet to nail a basic look in any situation.

#1 Maxi Dresses — Style, Versatility and Comfort, You’ve Got All In One Place

Maxi dresses are something that can help you in almost every situation.

Have a brunch date? Maxi dress would be great! Have a party night with friends? A maxi outfit has got you covered.

You have endless ways to try a maxi dress and rock any event at any time of the day due to the versatility of these kind of dresses.

#2 Jumpsuit — A Floral Print Does Wonders

It is just not the day you want to spend much time getting dressed in three-piece. So, what is the slightest thing you can do to wear a killer  fashion look? A jumpsuit, of course.

Jumpsuits have got you covered on days when you do not want to spend much time trying to slide on a pair of jeans or a two or three-piece outfit.

A single piece of clothing, such as a jumpsuit in maybe a floral print, is all you need to hit the daylight with a trendy look.

If you do not like the length, then, in that case, rompers can be the right piece for you.

#3 Rompers Or Playsuits — How Are They Distinct From Jumpsuits?

Rompers, jumpsuits or playsuits — are they not the same? Not at all. While there is one thing common in all three, there is a great deal of difference in them.

Jumpsuits have long sleeves and pants. On the contrary, rompers are more of a sexy, short dress with a more youthful touch.

#4 Jackets — Denim or Leather, All Work Just Fine!

You can’t even imagine a wardrobe without a jacket. Can you? Jackets can save you any time when a not-so-pretty outfit needs an upgrade on an immediate basis.

Denim jackets can uplift the charm of an all-white dress in a matter of seconds. However, leather jackets are always first in the pole position.

So, whether it is a short body jacket or a long trench coat-like, a jacket is a must-have item in your wardrobe. If you have one, you should get the other one too.

#5 A Mini Dress Always Work Like Magic

Have you got a mini dress in your wardrobe? Of course, you do! We all do! Do we?

A mini dress, whether it has long sleeves with a flappy collar or one that is  off-the-shoulder , can make you look the best on any occasion.

Wrap a belt around the waist and step out of the house. And you will find all eyes admiring you wherever you go.

These mini dresses are a lifesaver due to their versatility and delightful look.

The Takeaway!

Why spend more on a new dress when you can get another one in exchange for your old clothing?

Redress brings you an opportunity to get these must-have closet items in exchange for a fashion piece that’s been lying idle in your wardrobe for ages.

Get all these 5 dresses today swapping with Redress.

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